Useful Information

​The College has positioned itself to participate fully by forging links with reputable UK qualification awarding bodies, universities and government agencies in order to play its full part in the emerging future of British education and training.

Within this context, the College aims to prepare a new generation of vocational and professional people with the competence and intellectual qualities necessary to operate effectively in today’s world of work. The College adopts a “client centred” approach to its tutoring, training and assessment, which engenders competence; enterprise and individual confidence in applying newly acquired skills and knowledge. This approach tends to have the spin-off benefit of bridging the gap between the traditional academic and today’s real operating environment.

To achieve this aim, the College flexibly responds to the needs of local, national and international clients requiring training, education, research and consultancy. As such, the College works collaboratively with leading UK Awarding Bodies such as BTECEdexcel, London Chamber of Commerce Examinations (LCCI) Board, etc. to offer appropriate vocational and professional courses to clients. We also offer course leading to University of London External Programme degrees,etc

To encourage participation each year, the College assigns a limited number of bursaries and full scholarships to indigent students who wish to study on our programmes. The initial award is based upon merit, and any such assistance is renewable each year subject to the student’s academic performance.

Please note that every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information given in this publication, but Borough College London cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. The College reserves the right to change or withdraw courses, amalgamate or introduce alternate courses without prior notification.

Academic Policies

Academic policies for University of London Degrees are established by the University of London External Programme and other degrees by the University concerned. Policies for vocational/professional awards are established by the relevant awarding bodies. Please refer to entries under each award for more details.
Financial Information

The tuition fees and other academic study-related expenses are separately advised by BCL. Each student will receive an invoice for any payment required, and be given a specified period of time to settle the invoice. To help those students who are indigent, BCL assigns a limited number of bursaries and full scholarships. These contributions are renewable each year subject to the student’s academic performance.


Given the large number of overseas students in the College, we take matters concerning accommodation, transportation, counselling, opening of student bank accounts and registering with their local GPs seriously. We also encourage visits to historic sites or entertainment centres.

First time visitors (students) to the United Kingdom are treated warmly. This tends to have the effect of assisting them to settle in their studies on time.


​The College premises have recently been refurbished, and include new wall-to-wall carpeting throughout, giving the college a pleasing aura and presence. The lecture rooms are bright and airy, warm in winter and well ventilated in summer.

The computer classroom is well equipped and fully networked with internet facilities. The facilities in the computer room are open to all students. Library and Reading Room facilities are available at Harvard Library (students wishing to study in-between or after classes have reference access). The Library is also equipped with computer and internet facilities. Students are free to discuss academic problems with their tutors, Course Director or the Director of Studies, who will provide a continuous guidance to enable students attain their academic goals.

The Principal or the College Registrar and other members of staff are willing to listen sympathetically to any student with problems and will endeavour to assist to solve them.


The College has two departments. The Further Education Department caters for students on FE courses by providing guidance, tuition and assessment or examinations support to students on FE courses. The other is the Higher Education (HE) Department, which deals with the degree programmes.

The two Departments are co-ordinated by the College Principal, who is also in overall control of the administration and development of both departments. The College Registrar and other heads of department assist the Principal.

The Registrar maintains student records, and deals with welfare matters, accommodation, transportation, opening bank accounts and registration with GPs.

The Principal also deals with, and can delegate matters including the employment of lecturers, monitoring of their performance, maintaining standards appropriate to relevant professional bodies, advising students about registration for membership of professional bodies and payment of examination fees.