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English Language Programmes

The College offers intensive courses in General English, Business English, and English for Academic Purposes.

(1) General English Programmes

The General English for Beginners, Intermediate and other English Language Learners for general purposes. The courses are structured to cover a certain amount of prescribed English Language skills enabling students to progress from Elementary, Intermediate to Advanced stages. We endeavour to run each course at, each level, over four weeks.

What is included: The course concentrates on improving proficiency in listening, comprehension, speaking and writing skills as well as language development.

Requirements: Beginners are accepted on the basis of private tuition (sometimes on one-to-one) so that they can integrate into an elementary class.

(2) Business English Programme

The Business English covers the following topics: Giving presentations, Negotiating, Making phone calls, Writing reports, letters, faxes and telexes, Explaining figures/graphs, Describing technical machinery or processes, Showing visitors around your place of work, Socialising with clients

Requirements: An intermediate level of English is required for this course